Welcome to the new DAS Industries website! 

DAS Industries is a company (more a project) run by Timmy Peters, with a little voluntary support from some friends within the UK Longboard Scene.

DAS Stands for "Do A Skate", and aims to deliver you all opportunities to do so by running rad events throughout the year. Any money left over after events is saved up for the next project to support the UK scene.

Timmy and the team don't take money out of the company - no-one gets paid wages for the work they do on the events, and all the projects are driven through a desire to make the scene bigger and better, fuelled by a passion for all things skateboard.

If you've got an idea, project, event location or suggestion, get in contact! Check out Facebook or drop us a message in the form in the About tab

Disclaimer: Timmy only talks in third person/plurals when he needs to sound official!